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Children's Songs Vol 1 & 2

Tharangini Album - Children's Songs  Paathu Pathungi....

Onam Festival Songs

Tharangini Albums - Onam Festival SongsOru nullu kaakka poo....

Mappila Songs

 Malayalam Yesudas Mappila Songs Tharangini Mappila Songs Free Download MP3   Evergreen Mappila Pattukal

Hindu Devotional Songs

 Tharangini Malayalam Hindu Devotional Songs Free Download Tharangini Hits MP3 Malayalam Hindu Devotional Songs Free Download   Hindu Bhakthiganangal

Christian Devotional Songs

Tharangini Albums - Christian Devotional SongsSacred Songs from Tharangini

Shruthilaya Tharangini

Year: 1993
Lyrics: P K Gopi, P C Aravindan
Music: Kannur Rajan, Rajamani


01. Mukkutti poovinu - yesudas
02. Vasantham varnna sugandham - Yesudas, Sujatha
03. Aavani vannu Onam pirannu - Sujatha
04. Sraavaname - yesudas
05. Kaalathinte kadam kadhayile - Yesudas
06. Etho jalashanku pushppum - Yesudas
07. Ee marubhuvil - Yesudas, Sujatha
08. Thamara kannukal - Sujatha

09. Aathira nila pozhikayil - Yesudas
Tharangini Album - Shruthilaya Link

Vishada Ganangal Vol.1 & 2

Tharangini Albums - Vishada Ganangal

Tharangini Album Series

Ente Vaanampaadi

Lyrics & Music: Alleppey Ranganath


01. Gaaname oro manassilum - Yesudas
02. Kaayalthirakkullil - Yesudas
03. Maariville nee - Yesudas
04. Neelaponmaan - Yesudas
05. Poonkuruvi Nee - Chitra
06. Priyeneeyen - Yesudas
07. SangeethaVaadyaMelam
08. Soumini sandhye - Yesudas
09. Shalabhangale varoo - Chitra
10. VasanthamVirunnuVannu
11. Virahamtharumeevedana - Yesudas

Tharangini Album - Ente Vaanampaadi4shared Publisher: eN

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Its a fantastic job you did for the old song lovers...keep it up

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I could find a collection songs I was lokking for quite some; some of them took me to several years back... a sort of nostalgia....
However down loading time appears to be high.....

The effort is really appreciable..


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