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Year: 1979
Music: Fr. Justin Panackal
Tharangini Album Songs
Lyrics: Mathew Moothedom

Manasathin Manivathil | KJ Yesudas


Navyamamoru Kalpana | KJ Yesudas, Seema Behan


Yesuve Varadana Varidhe | KJ Yesudas

Lyrics: Paul Kocheekkaranveettil

Sneham Ezhunnalli | KJ Yesudas

 Thalirmalyam - Tharangini Christian Devotional Songs Free Download   4Shared Publisher: Napie

Sneha Pravaham

Tharangini Album
Year: 1983
Music: Fr. Justin Panackal
Lyrics: Sister Mary Agnus, Br. John Kochu Thundil,
Lyrics: Fr. Mathew Muthedam, Br. Joseph Paramkuzhi,
Lyrics: Br. Mathew Asaripparampil, Br. Jose Vethamattil
Christian Devotional Songs

Daivam Nirupama Sneham | KJ Yesudas

Carol Song

Daivam Pirakkunnu Manushyanayi | KJ Yesudas, Chorus


Eeshoyen Jeevadhi Nayaka | KJ Yesudas


En Jeevithamam Ee Marakombil | KJ Yesudas


Jeevitha Garthathil Alayum | KJ Yesudas


Karthavam Yesuve Marthya Vimochaka | KJ Yesudas

Christmas Song

Manju Pothiyunna Mamaram Kochunna | KJ Yesudas


Nayaka Jeeva Dayaka Yesuve | KJ Yesudas, Chorus

Very unique Christmas Song

Paithalam Yesuve Umma Vachu | KS Chitra

Carol Song

Puthiyoru Pulari Vidarnnu | KJ Yesudas, Chorus


Snehaswaroopa Thava Darshanam | KJ Yesudas


Yesuvente Prananathan | KJ Yesudas

 Sneha Pravaham Tharangini Christian Devotional Songs Free Download MP3   4Shared Publisher: Yoyo

Tharangini Albums II
 •  Sneha Deepika | Johnson
 •  Sneha Bali | OV Raphael
 •  Snehadhara | KK Antony | Fr. Joseph Manakkal
 Malayalam Hit Tharangini Christian Songs Free Download MP3   Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Tharangini Albums III
 •  Snehapratheekam | AJ Joseph
 •  Snehame Nayichalum | Thaji Eldridge Isacs
 •  Sneha Prakasham | 
 Malayalam Tharangini Christian Devotional Songs Free Download MP3   Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Tharangini Albums IV
 •  Sneha Sandesham | Fr. Justin Panackal
 •  Sneha Sankeerthanam | Jerson Antony
 •  Sneha Sarovaram | Fr. Paul Poovathingal
 Hit Tharangini Christian Devotional Songs Free Download MP3   Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Tharangini Albums V
 •  Sneha Deepam | Jerson Antony
 •  Sneha Sudha | JM Raju | Rev. Fr. Joy Alappaattu
 •  Yesu Nalla Idayan | Fr. Justin Panackal
 Tharangini Christian Devotional Songs MP3 Free Download Tharangini Songs   

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Tharangini Album Song Collection

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

God bless you..
I have been searching for these songs since my school days. did not know what album or anything, a quest satisfied after 15 years....

praise the Lord

Joseph said... [Reply]

Thank u so much for these evergreen songs esp thalirmalyam. Compared to the new songs, these are way better!!
God Bless

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg! i hav been looking for the song 'yesho en jeevanayaka' everywhere and many more thats posted here..soo thankful to the person behind thiis:)

Ajikumar said... [Reply]

i am searchng -kaanuka kroosin paathayil- malayalam christian song

vincent said... [Reply]

how to get the song 'Dookhederey peedetherey ningal koodey varooo...' please guide

PRADEEP said... [Reply]

Hello friend

Yesunadha varu rajadhiraja
which album?
that is not here i am searching that album


Dr. ANAND BABU. said... [Reply]

THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 giving this collection of old songs. But you didnt add 'Sneha Malyam' and 'Shanthi Geethangal' here. "Ponnoliyil kallara minnunnu"-the popular song, is frm Sneha malyam.Try that PLS...

Onacees said... [Reply]

Joel Antony Paul, It nice collections. thank you.

i like to get a song, i dnt knw the opening lyrics of that song.
but i know the few lyrics after the start. "ethra cheruthakan aertha vallarennam ethra snehikan enthu vennam" i would like to get this song, if its possible kindly do update
thanking You;
Onacees Raphael
Canada Toronto- North America

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thank you so much Joel...

been searching for these songs everywhere.. especially thalirmalyam... is it possible if you can get all the songs on that album? Also swargarajyam and sneha malyam. I was looking for the song'malaakamarude basha arinjalum'.. I would be so grateful if you could find it.. God bless you for the good work

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@PRADEEP it is from 'santhaprasantham'

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