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Kerala is very rich in its folk song tradition and has many varying folk songs as there are variances in the climate, land, people and their occupations. The Naadanpattu of Kerala or Kerala folk songs narrate unrecorded tales of the land and people. These lyrical songs are evoked from the emotions and simple wisdom of agrestic folk. The toiling group of boatmen, peasants and farmers forgets the monotony of their humdrum life by humming these melodious songs.
Almost every aspect of life and occasions such as childbirth, marriage, festivals, the glee of the harvest season, weddings, war, the union of man and woman, mythology and religion and death finds a place in Kerala folksongs. Maappila Pattukal, Palli Pattukal, Onapaattukal, Vilpaattu, Vanchipattukal and vadakkan pattukal, are some of these native songs of different castes and communities of Kerala.

CJ Kuttappan & Group

Naadan Pattukal Vol. 1 & 2
 Naadan Pattukal by CJ Kuttappan   Rugged Beauty of Kerala Folk Music
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Naadan Pattukal

Folk songs of Kerala

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Thannana... Thannana.. Thannano...
Ningalude Naattilokke
Elappolayelo.. Elappolayelo....
Aadaado Aadaado Penne Aadu Kozhali
Kunjaane.. Kunjaane...
Munnazhi Nellinarakkandam Koyyana
Polika.. Polika... Polika
Mundakappadathe Nathankunje
Thekku Thekke...
Aanandam Paramaanandam
Kettalum Kelkkanamamme

and more.......
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Post: Naadan Pattukal

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Kalledu Penne
Kunjanje Kunjanje
Mundaka Paadathe
Ningalude Nattiloke
Mannu Thediya
Niranja Mizhiyum

and more.......
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Naadan Pattukal - Kalabhavan Mani

Folk Songs by Kalabhavan Mani
Kalabhavan Mani
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chalakudy chantha
kanni Manga
Odenda Odenda
varaannu Paranjittu
Ammayide Mole Njan
Varikka Chakkede
Chethi Mandharam Thulasi
Aararo Aararo
Chandanam Enthinu
Karutha Kozhi

and more.......
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Web Folder 2

Aaadanenam Aadedenam
Kanni Maga Praayathil
Chandhanam Enthinu Chandhavum
Varikka Chakkede Chola Kanakkinu
Kunju Naalil Cheruppathil
Velukkumpo Kulikkunna Nerathu
Ayyo Naathune Orkkumbol
Pakalu Muzhuvan Pani eduthkittunna
Varathante Oppam Olichu Chaadiya
Chovannullii Chuvanna Pennee Nee
Kaattu Kurumbathi Kari Neela
Kottapam Kozhalangale Koyilappam
Kalla Karim Pooche Pandaara Pooche nee

and more.......
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Njanum Ente Aliyanum
Neela Saari Vaangi
Enichum Undoru
Kokkarakko Kozhi
Kaalam Kurachalla
Enikkumunde Ange Veettil
Makara Maasam

and more.......
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Post: Naadan Pattukal

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